Why Vinyl Is Better Than Plastic

Why Vinyl Is Better Than Plastic

In general, vinyl is just better than most plastic materials. Vinyl signs up with the winning team ever since the start of the manufacturing process. When we mentioned vinyl’s advantage in material availability, we referred to the ingredients required to create vinyl itself.

Plastic is based on oil and mostly petroleum, while vinyl is based on natural gas and chlorine. The latter is based on salt and water, two things that are easily found on earth. This automatically put vinyl on the winning team. Why? Because petroleum is more expensive and scarcer. The availability of petroleum is limited while the demand is high. This may result in an unexpected increasing price and that is every manufacturer’s nightmare. So, when they are presented with another option that promises them stability, why should they refuse?

Besides, natural gas and chlorine are more eco-friendly. We are not putting aside the fact that vinyl is still plastic and it is not degradable. But the making process of vinyl is more eco-friendly than plastic. Plus, with the low-cost production vinyl brings, the manufacturers will have more budget to allocate into recycling fund. A win-win solution for both the company and the environment!

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