What Is Vinyl?

What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a type of plastic made of a combination of ethylene (usually found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in salt). So, we can say that vinyl is a leather synthetic made from plastic. During the manufacturing process, different chemicals, treatments, and backing are added. Many manufacturers make standard vinyl fabrics into three kinds of usability. These are non-backed, non-expanded, and expanded vinyl.

The non-backed vinyl is regularly used for upholstery and trim for automobiles. The one made of lightweight cloth material backing is the non-expanded vinyl. The cloth backing is including flannel and woven linen. These materials make the vinyl keep in its place. Expanded vinyl is the most common and widely used. And it is offered as commercial grade vinyl and marine grade vinyl. They have more durability and flexibility compare to the other two vinyl types.

What Is Vinyl Fabric Used For?

Vinyl is a versatile plastic with various textures and grades. And it is also available in many types, such as clear vinyl and coated vinyl. Clear vinyl can be used for raincoats. Coated vinyl is available in many colors and sizes. Thus, vinyl is widely used as upholstery, cover, handcraft, decoration, and many more. You can find non-expanded vinyl is used in various kinds of things, including tablecloths, purses, bar stools, and tarps. The tablecloths usually use flannel-backed vinyl. You can use non-expanded vinyl for chairs, but it can easily tear when it has been used for some time. You will need to replace the fabric more often.

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