Marine Vinyl Fabric


Looking for an upholstery fabric that’s durable, colorfast and easy to clean? Vinyl fabrics has all you’re looking for. Indoor and outdoor applications include seat covers, flooring, and furniture. Despite of leather texture and other attractive attributes, Vinyl fabric is till preferred for restoring old furniture to building a new one. Like leather, vinyl fabric is popular in use due to its resemblance with leather in terms of texture, quality, and color. If the fabric is fitted well, it gives a real vintage and elegant look. Its varying quality provides best colors, durability and designs to further beautify the furniture, and besides upholstery, it is also used to make table cloth.

You may think of its durability. Since its durably is not comparative with leather, but vinyl fabric has strong chemical structure that makes it durable to rough environment and improves UV standing. If it is used with care over time, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing it every year. It is cheap compared to leather, since vinyl fabric isn’t an absorbent, it can be easily cleaned with sop or a cleaning liquid. You can get yourself best vinyl fabric for your business and also help you to use for home applications.

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