Yellow Vinyl Fabric


Yellow Vinyl Fabric

Plastic and rubber were invented by Columbus. This takes us back to 1492 when their discovery was made from a game. It was unpopular until 1920 when waldo Semon a rubber scientist came to discover the vinyl fabric. the vinyl fabric was discovered accidentally. Dr Waldo Semon tried to invent a product that can bond metal to rubber. The remaining substances were then mixed with chemicals leading to the formation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The first use of vinyl was to make shock absorbers and its popularity increased when rubber became scarce, Industries saw that they could reduce the use of rubber and opted in using the PVC. Plants grew during that period as the demand for that versatile product started to increase. It was used in making different products including raincoats and wire insulators.

Meaning of the Color Yellow

Vinyl fabric comes from ethylene which is made from chlorine and natural gas. The outcome is a long-lasting plastic material. there are three types of vinyl products which include; clear vinyl fabric used to manufacture raincoats, flannel-blackened vinyl and other vinyl fabrics which are of different colors and also weigh differently. Other types of vinyl include the polyvinyl chloride which is simply a polymer containing plastic. PVC can be reinforced for different projects performed in the industries or left to be light enough used for sewing of clothes. Artificial leather is the other type which compared to the real animal hide is cheaper. It is water-resistant and comes in different textures. The other type is the oilcloth vinyl fabric consists of two sides where one of the sides is the actual vinyl and the other side is a cotton backing. vinyl fabric is stiffened to make it durable and easy to mould. The vinyl fabric can also be painted to different colours, for instance, yellow vinyl fabric. The stiffened fabric is plastic therefore any spray paint would work. fabric spray paint is used if durability is needed in the case of your spray paint. A dyeing process increases values of cotton. for a yellow fabric to be obtained the following process is done. A dyeing process includes the transfer of the yellow die from the liquid solution to the fabric itself. All the processes must be well controlled for a perfect yellow die to be made. The fabric can also be painted yellow using the process below. This is easy to do process and can be done at home. you have to be in a well-ventilated area and get a urethane yellow paint. Quality latex has a low quality and cannot expand or contract to leave back cracks in your fabric and get protective clothing to prevent irritation in the process of painting. Clean the vinyl fabric that you would want to paint on. Use a sponge with hot water and clean your vinyl fabric and allow it to dry. Apply masking tape on the area and if it is hard to remove then the area is clean but if it comes off easily then the surface is dirty so you repeat the cleaning process. Assuming the surface is clean spray the yellow paint on the fabric. Cover the paint with an old newspaper or magazine and allow it to dry then apply another coat and allow it dry. The outcome is a piece of yellow vinyl fabric. Fabrics consist of many different layers.

They can only be observed by a microscope, however, the fabric consists of three layers that are:

Foundational layer - this is the most flexible layer made up of polyester. This part is very important for the durability of the fabric.

Adhesive layer - this is the layer that holds all fabrics together. the layers glue the others together. the adhesives are of different strengths and separation of this layer is uncommon.

The outer skin - this is the layer that gives the fabric its beauty. The taste of your skin will make you choose if it is textured or smooth.

Symbolism of the Color Yellow

The yellow vinyl fabric symbolizes warmth and happiness. The yellow vinyl when sunshine reflects on its brightly colours the office or where it is used. when used in offices it brings about optima by the workers and enhances the remembrance of the work done. 

They can only be observed by a microscope, however, the fabric consists of three layers that are:

Specific Uses of Yellow Vinyl Fabric

The yellow vinyl fabric has a variety of uses. It makes the helmets used for construction. it also makes the reflector jackets as it is easily visible. Raincoats are also made out of the yellow vinyl fabric. The best use of the fabric is in making furniture. Yellow furniture glows glamorously with a touch of sunshine portraying a warmth sensation. Outdoor furniture is made by the yellow vinyl since it is weatherproof and waterproof. It is used in covering of chairs and tables in the restaurants. One advantage of the yellow vinyl fabric is that it is resistant to wear and tear and is easy to clean. The yellow vinyl resists scratches. Vinyl can be used for a very long time without fading. Apart from the many advantages, vinyl has its drawbacks. It is very hard to sew for beginners as it can be stuck when sewing. vinyl also has bad aeration and therefore remains hot. the vinyl above is sewed to the different tools needed. You have to use the best tools for a proper fabric to be obtained. what is needed is a pin (wonder clips are preferred since pins leave holes and after some time become bigger holes.) Using the thread and wonder clips and the oilcloths sewing is done for different materials to be made. The yellow spraint is then sprayed to the materials made. Very popular compared to other fabrics because it is easily used locally by almost all types of sewing machines.

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