What is Vinyl Fabric?


What is Vinyl Fabric?

Ethylene is involved in the making of vinyl fabric. You can use these vinyl fabrics for various purposes such as crafting. The resemblance of vinyl fabric is similar to latex and leather, but it is a lot cheaper. There is a wide range of PVC vinyl fabric in the market that can be used commonly. You can easily clean vinyl fabric with a simple damp cloth. You always feel good when you touch a good vinyl paper.

Products made with vinyl fabric has a long life span.

Information about Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl fabric is a plastic material, which is known for its durability, flexibility, strength, fire, and heat resistant properties. Vinyl fabric is the second most-selling plastic all over the world. It is manufactured by two simple blocks, which are ethylene and chorine. A very high temperature is used to manufacture this material. It is first converted into VCM gas. The polymerization reaction is used to convert VCM into polyvinyl chloride resin.

Process of making Vinyl Fabric

In the process of any vinyl product making, the main step is to prepare a unique vinyl solution. Different additives are used such as plasticizer, stabilizer, flame retardant, and anti-microbial additives. After carefully mixing the various components, pigments are added to get the correct finish or color required. Various paper types are used to give the vinyl fabric a special texture or pattern. During this process, the knife on the coating machine is adjusted to ensure the correct thickness. It is the main layer, responsible for color, abrasion, and resistance to weather conditions. The second layer includes foaming agents that affect the thickness. Softness and stiffness of the vinyl fabric are because of these foaming agents.

Is it necessary to stiffen the vinyl fabric?

Yes, it is necessary if you want to use vinyl fabric for various crafting projects. Only stiffen vinyl fabric get into the shape and get mold easily for various purposes. The vinyl fabric is connected with the backing cloth. You can use any fabric underneath. The most commonly used backing material is polyester or cotton. It can also increase the weight of the vinyl fabric. These are very affordable crafting material as compared to the other that use for the same purpose.

Uses of Vinyl Fabric
  • It is used to make clothing of firefighters, safety suit for restaurants, and protective clothing for the military.
  • The hydraulic hoses, sacks, conveyor belts, and many industrial objects are manufactured by vinyl fabric.
  • It is used to make automotive products such as seat covers, airbags, etc.
  • Many Aerospace applications depend on a piece of good vinyl fabric.
  • It can be used for many health care products such as anti-bacterial curtains and mattresses.
What are the main features of vinyl fabric?
  • Good vinyl fabric can bear high temperature upto 455 degrees.
  • It doesn’t dissolve in any chemical or organic substance.
  • It can processable and you can easily mold vinyl fabric.
  • Some fabrics are highly durable, while others have flexibility.
  • They have an ability to withstand abortion and abrasion.
  • Vinyl fabrics are very easy to use, and moisture and humidity don’t affect this.
  • The colors don’t fade away with time.
  • You can easily sew this with the help of a sewing machine.
  • You can create all sorts of unique items with PVC vinyl fabric.
Qualities of Vinyl Fabric

There is a wide range of Vinyl fabric for versatile purposes. Many chemical processes involved in making vinyl fabric for different industrial uses. The main compound is PVC that better the quality.

There are many types of vinyl fabric.
Types of Vinyl Fabric
  1. Clear Vinyl Fabric
  2. Marine Vinyl Fabric
  3. Printed Vinyl Fabric
  4. PVC Vinyl Fabric
  5. Vinyl Upholstery Fabric
  6. Glitter Vinyl Fabric
  7. Stretch Vinyl Fabric
  8. Flannel backed Vinyl Fabric
  9. Holographic Vinyl Fabric
  10. Patterned Vinyl Fabric
  11. Automotive Vinyl Fabric
  12. Iridescent Vinyl Fabric
  13. Waterproof Vinyl Fabric
  14. Waterproof Marine Vinyl Fabric
  15. Transparent Vinyl Fabric
  16. Perforated Vinyl Fabric
  17. Textured Vinyl Fabric

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