Vinyl Fabric and Acrylic Woven as Synthetic Fiber

Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl Fabric and Acrylic Woven as Synthetic Fiber

Different types of fabrics are utilized in marine or vinyl applications due to several compelling reasons. Marine fabric is widely used in boats, the fabric types are often vinyl and woven acrylic. Let’s dig a little bit to know what is vinyl? A technical explanation of vinyl fabric is defined by the process of polymerization of vinyl chloride. Vinyl is often referred to as PVC or thermoplastic material that results from the said process. The fabric quality varies in terms of its properties which is changed based on the addition of plasticizer. Vinyl fabric is used in the making of pipes, specific molds, shoes, and it used in the making of SPEs or PPE’s. Therefore, it’s also known as specialized fabric.  

Another special fabric is also used to make boat covers and sails, it is called polyacrylonitrile. The fabric is also known as woven acrylic, it made from polymer and used to imitate fiber like cotton. Boats and yacht fabric are made of synthetic fiber such as acrylic and polyester. These fabrics are made stronger and durable by combining vinyl and polyester fabric which is also known as vinyl-coated polyester composite. Since natural fibers tend to break down and lose colors, synthetic fibers have made to be stronger to increase longevity.

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