Vinyl Fabric a Guide to Some Pros and Cons

Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl Fabric a Guide to Some Pros and Cons

Vinyl fabric is known for all the good reasons, well there are some cons as well. For now, your patio or awning or home needs restoration or taking on a reupholstering project. Vinyl fabric is the first material you would choose. Before you know more about vinyl fabric, let’s dig a little bit into the history of vinyl fabric. PVC also is known as polyvinyl chloride was not known until 1913. Vinyl was thought to be useless for initially for years unless a mistake turned everything into a futuristic application. Vinyl was made as an adhesive to bond rubber with steel where the evolution of PVC begun.

The vinyl fabric turned out to be durable, a lot of ships have started using vinyl for wire and insulation purposes. It was also used popularly in the making of shock absorbers seals. Similarly, commercial applications of vinyl fabric were extended to every industry from textile to automotive and construction. However, there are some cons to the vinyl fabric as well, such as it’s tricky to sew vinyl fabric as it requires special tools and expertise to stitch the fabric. There is more to the drawback of vinyl fabric, it give a plastic-like feel and you may find it sticky. However, that isn’t much of a problem and you can address this issue with better quality fabric.

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