Stitching Vinyl Fabric for Durability

Vinyl Fabric

Stitching Vinyl Fabric for Durability

Vinyl fabric is known for durability, but its durability sometimes requires you to have good handling skills. It may seem difficult to handle vinyl fabric according to what your desire to make, however, it’s not impossible sew the fabric. Here we’re going to help you with some tricks and tips to stitch vinyl fabric and make it the way choose. If you think you will have to buy new equipment to sew vinyl fabric, NO! You don’t have to spend! Vinyl fabric is sticky and might not hold under the presser foot of your sewing machine and you may have to vary stitch length.

It is difficult to feed sticky fabric like vinyl to feed under the presser foot, therefore, a Kind of tissue paper that is used in packaging and gift bags is used to smoothly sew vinyl fabric. Gift papers are often see through and that gives the advantage to monitor the process of stitching the fabric. It is also important to maintain sufficient length while sewing vinyl fabric, since close wholes if not threaded, become tear spot for the fabric and may tears apart the fabric, therefore, it is important to carefully define length, however, Tear spots are not prevalent in coated vinyl but plain vinyl fabric.

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