What is Printed Vinyl Fabric?

What is Printed Vinyl Fabric?

When you hear the word “vinyl”, the first that came to mind is most likely antique vinyl records from the past decades. But what about the abbreviation “PVC”? Perhaps you would think of water pipes, electrical wires, and other construction or building materials. What if we told you that vinyl and PVC are technically the same things? As a matter of fact, PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. In the textile industry, fabrics are manufactured to last longer and more durable by coating them with vinyl. This has been perfected throughout the years. And that is why we get to enjoy the benefits of printed vinyl fabric.

Types of printed vinyl fabric

Like most vinyl fabrics, printed vinyl fabric is usually cotton, polyester, or other types of fabrics coated in printed vinyl material and then covered once more with another layer of vinyl material to make the printing last longer. The types of printed vinyl fabric come from materials used to make the printing.

The ink-printing vinyl fabric uses ink and other coloring agents to create the patterns or images desired on the vinyl fabric. This type usually requires a second layer of vinyl material so the prints will not fade easily.

Next is fabric-printing vinyl. The patterns on fabric-printing vinyl come from the fabric, whether it is cotton, polyester, or other material used, while the vinyl itself is plain and solid. Double layering is not necessary for this type of printed vinyl fabric.

Hand-printed vinyl fabric is the most intricate type of all. The patterns in this type of fabric are handmade. It requires precision and patience to make, just like handmade Batik from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Once the pattern making is done, the fabric is layered by vinyl material as a final touch.

Whichever type of printed vinyl fabric you desire, always pick the ones from trusted companies for long-lasting qualities. Besides quality, these companies promise a more responsible production for a good reason. Let’s take a closer look at this specific issue.

If you are looking for attractive yet durable vinyl fabric, printed vinyl fabric is the perfect match for you. Printed vinyl fabric is available in many different colors and styles. This type of vinyl is mostly used for making costumes and dresses.

Some designs are also suitable for making curtains and fancy table covers.

Printed and the textured vinyl fabric is even more beautiful and aesthetic.


  • Famous for making costumes and dresses.
  • Great for making curtains.
  • It can be used for fancy table covers.
  • They are mostly used for craft projects.
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Aneco 12 x 12 Inch Buffalo Plaid Printed Vinyl

The classic plaid pattern combines with the black and white color combination makes it a desirable printed vinyl option. It can not only be used as a cover itself but can also be used to decorate other fabrics, clothes, and dresses, etc. All that needs to be done is to draw the desired shape, cut it out, place it on the fabric that one wishes to decorate, and then place a heated iron on top. The vinyl will transfer over to the other fabric.

Since the printed vinyl fabric is thinner as compared to other variations of vinyl variations, therefore it is considerably easy to stitch. It is flexible and less stiff.

Buffalo plaid design.

It can be used for stitching and crafts.

Thinner and more flexible as compared to other variations of vinyl.

Prone to creasing.

It is not weather resistant.

It cannot resist a lot of wear and tear.

Only buy printed vinyl fabric from responsible manufacturers

To help the environmental cause, support companies who are doing more effort to turn their production “green”. Buy your printed vinyl fabric only from responsible sellers. Better yet, find recycled printed vinyl fabric available online! We guarantee the quality is not so different from the newly printed ones.


Printed vinyl fabric is a great addition to many kinds of decoration, from boats, housing, to fashion. By choosing printed vinyl fabric, you are investing your money on durability and longevity of quality. No more worrying about fading prints! There are so many kinds of printed vinyl fabric available online now. To make sure you only get the best of the best, spend more time researching and browse more info about the sellers. Happy shopping!

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