What is Outdoor Vinyl Fabric?

What is Outdoor Vinyl Fabric?

As the name indicates, outdoor vinyl fabric is made to be used outdoors. Therefore, it is evident that it is far more durable and sturdy as compared to plain vinyl fabric. It is a popular choice when looking for a fabric to make upholstery and furniture covers. It is also weather-resistant and can resist harsh conditions with ease.

Moreover, you can get it easily in both plain as well as textured variations.

Looking for materials for your next outdoor projects? Pick outdoor vinyl fabric. Its durability is great for your restaurant’s outdoor seating, garden sofas’ layering, or other furniture you need covering. Instead of using leather, which is more expensive and requires more maintenance, vinyl is a way better alternative. Quality-wise, it will not disappoint. It is as durable as leather, if not better. And whatever leather can do, the vinyl fabric can too! Are you ready to purchase your choice of outdoor vinyl fabric? Hold your horses! Keep reading to find out what you should know and consider before clicking the “buy now” button.

Things to consider before buying outdoor vinyl fabric

Vinyl is so versatile that it can be shaped into different forms. The texture can be different from one to another. Buying the wrong one can destroy the whole project! Imagine planning to layer your sofas with synthetic leather but ended up with metallic fabric on your hands. That is what we call a disaster. So, let’s prevent this from happening by being extra careful and spending more time researching before buying. Since we are all stuck at home, the best way is to buy outdoor vinyl fabric online. That being said, we also provide some tips on buying them offline. Check them out below!

How to buy outdoor vinyl fabric online

Buying outdoor vinyl fabric online is not much different from buying any products online. Do not rely on the photos 100%. Instead, read the descriptions carefully and make sure you got all info you need about the product. If the seller does not provide enough info, consider another seller or ask more questions to that particular seller.

If possible buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. This will protect you from scams. It is not uncommon that people end up disappointed because the product they receive is nothing like they expect. This will reduce the risk of that disappointment. Besides, making a purchase directly to the manufacturer may also get you a special discount. However, you should note that most manufacturers only accept the bulk purchase.

When you are buying from an e-commerce website, take time in researching the seller. Since the online store does not have any reliable address in case you need to complain about the product, you need to pay extra attention to the credibility of the seller itself. Check out their online store’s page and what they have. Read reviews left by genuine customers. The more reviews, usually the better the store is.

Read the product description thoroughly. As you cannot trust the photos 100%, it is important to read every detail.

Here are the things you need to look for when buying outdoor vinyl fabric online:

Size and dimension. See exactly how wide the fabric you are buying. For a bigger project, you may need wider cuts. You don’t want to end up with pieces of fabric that are too small.

Weight. As mentioned before, vinyl can be made into different forms, including different weight even with the same size. The thickness of vinyl fabric depends on its grade. It can be anything from commercial grade to marine grade. Do extra research if this is new to you.

Texture. Most products will mention the size, weight, and dimension, but often forget to mention the texture of the fabric itself. Some vinyl fabric comes in a leather-like surface, some are plain, and some are shiny metallic. If your seller does not provide this information, please ask them directly.

Lightfastness. How long your outdoor vinyl fabric will last depends on two main things: the fabric quality and the lightfastness. The latter represents how long the fabric can stand direct sunlight. Scroll down to read about this in detail.

How to buy outdoor vinyl fabric offline

Unlike purchasing online, when you go to the seller’s store in person, you get to see exactly what you are buying. Take your time in choosing the right weight, texture, and color you require. It is your project after all. As soon as we are no longer stuck at home, we recommend you find some stores that sell vinyl nearby. Even if you will buy the fabric online, seeing and feeling all kinds of fabric with your own eyes will give you better knowledge in making decisions when purchasing online.

What is lightfastness and why is it important?

Lightfastness describes the quality of dye or other coloring agents and their resistance to light exposures. Every coloring agent has lightfastness. Your shoes, your shirts, and even your couch, everything that is dyed or colored has lightfastness. The highest its lightfastness rate, the longer a color will last. If you buy two different shirts with different lightfastness rate, one’s color will fade faster than the other simply by wearing it.

There are three common ways to measure lightfastness: Blue Wool Scale, Grey Scale, and American Standard Test Measure scale with a 1-to-8, 1-to-5, and I-to-V scales respectively. The bigger the number, the better its lightfastness is. The lowest scale of all three usually means the product’s coloring will fade completely in less than 2 years. While the highest scale means it will last for more than 100 years. Please note that these scales are measured in normal conditions. If you live in an area with more sun exposure, such as a tropical island or a desert, it may take less than mentioned time for the colors to fade away.

We found some outdoor vinyl fabric sellers use the amount of exposure hour as the product’s lightfastness rate instead of those three common scales. This will help you understand how long the product will last. Keep in mind that the lightfastness rate only describes the coloring quality, not the product quality itself.


  • Used to make furniture and upholstery covers.
  • Optimal for hammocks, placemats, and window screens.
  • A popular choice to make canopies and table cloths.
Suggested Product On Amazon
SL007 Grey Woven Sling Vinyl Mesh
Outdoor Furniture Fabric

If you are looking for textured outdoor vinyl fabric, the SL007 Grey Woven Sling Vinyl Mesh Outdoor Furniture Fabric is the perfect choice for you. It is not only sturdy and reliable, but it is also weather resistant.

Another commendable feature is the fact that it is also bacteria and mildew resistant. Therefore, it is sanitary, and there is no concern about hygiene when using this fabric.

It is heavy duty and holds its place. It is available by the yard so you can order as much or as little fabric as you need.

Woven texture.

UV and bacteria resistant.


Heavy-duty fabric.

Easy to sew.

It is rigid and hard; therefore, it cannot be bent or folded easily.


Choosing an outdoor vinyl fabric with the best lightfastness rate is highly recommended. Using vinyl fabric for your outdoor projects means it will be exposed to light the entire time. The highest lightfastness rate ensures your fabric to stay as pretty as the very first day you have it installed. With these in mind, you are finally ready to make your outdoor vinyl fabric purchase. Have you made up your mind yet?

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