What is Metallic Vinyl Fabric?

What is Metallic Vinyl Fabric?

Latex clothing has been a trend for a long time. The durability and the classic glossy style just never die. From a night out in Vegas to a regular party at the downtown club, they fit the various occasion. There is simply nothing like well-fitted shine styles of leather and latex combination fabric. Unfortunately, this exclusive type of fabric is expensive. Not to mention the effort required to maintain its quality, especially its shine factor. But what if we tell you that there is a way to replicate such quality at a more effective cost? Yes! Thanks to the invention of metallic vinyl fabric, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a single dress anymore!

In this article, we will take a closer look at metallic vinyl fabric and how you can benefit from it in your day to day life. Prepare yourself for the shine!

What Makes Metallic Vinyl Fabric Different?

Vinyl is durable and versatile. These two reasons alone are enough to convince the world to switch to vinyl. The fact that vinyl is based on natural gas, instead of petroleum-like most plastic polymers, makes vinyl way cheaper than them. It is not just about the price of petroleum, but mostly the availability of petroleum itself. Without depending on this, vinyl and PVC manufacturers do not have to rely on it. The only need common salt and water with natural gas in the making process of vinyl. Compared to petroleum, these are practically free. Such effectiveness of cost makes vinyl available at any time and any price!

Metallic vinyl fabric replaces the use of real metals. Without the use of gold, you can have the luxury of this precious metal by using gold vinyl fabric instead. The same goes for other metallic vinyl fabric. Besides, vinyl fabric is easier to color compared to metal, of course. This gives you the vast options of metallic vinyl fabric, from the simple black to the mysterious purple, the choice is in your hands!

Things to Consider Before Buying Metallic Vinyl Fabric

The black vinyl fabric has been used in various fields from fashion apparel to outdoor protection. It’s an extremely versatile and durable material that it only takes a slight difference in production to be applied on different functions. There are mainly 3 categories that separated black vinyl fabrics according to its uses: non-expandable, commercial expandable, and marine expandable.


The color you need. Metallic colors are different to regular colors. For instance, metallic red is different from plain red, even if they are the same shade of color. This is due to the amount of light metallic surfaces reflects and how the exposure catches our eyes. So, when you are ordering your product, we recommend you see the samples yourselves. And instead of choosing by the color’s name and number, use the samples to determine whether or not it suits your project.


The fabric texture. Unlike other metallic products, metallic vinyl fabric comes in different types of textures. Each feels different from another. For costumes and dresses, you might want to consider softer textures for extra comfort. But for construction projects, such as curtains, go for something more rigid.


How shiny you want it to be. Depending on its surface and texture, one metallic vinyl fabric can be shinier than another. This is due to the thickness of the coating and the making process itself. Keep in mind that the shinier a fabric, the more light it will reflect.


The weight of the fabric. You should note that some vinyl fabrics are designed to be stiff and rigid. Usually, this comes with weight. While offering a sturdier construction, these types of fabric are heavier and might not be suitable for your project frame. Find the right balance between the texture and the weight. There are also lightweight metallic vinyl fabrics available for you to purchase.

To avoid disappointment, please consider these four important things before buying your metallic vinyl fabric.


Vinyl by itself is very versatile. Metallic vinyl fabric, however, is usually designed to serve its purpose depending on the texture, weight, and general framing. Not every metallic vinyl fabric will be suitable for your project, but there IS at least one that will meet your requirements. Take your time in researching what you need and you will have the dream material for the big project you have been planning on.

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