Green Vinyl Fabric


Green Vinyl Fabric

You are sitting at a restaurant’s outdoor seating and while waiting for your orders, you realize how comfy and sleek the green tablecloth is. You touch its surface and you can feel its durability. At first glance, it looks like leather. But you wonder, isn’t leather expensive? How come a local restaurant like this affords leather for all of its outdoor tablecloths? The answer is simple: it is probably green vinyl fabric instead of leather.

Vinyl is a great alternative to leather. And if designed with leather-like membranes, the vinyl fabric can fool the naked eyes to think it was leather. When it comes to durability, it can be better than leather, with so much less maintenance effort. Interested in vinyl fabric and its general uses? Keep reading this article!

The Making Process of Green Vinyl Fabric

Through a delicate chemical process, which we will not discuss here, the vinyl polymer is created in factories. Then, depending on its purpose, additional processes and materials are added to make vinyl fabric meet the requirements we desire. Whether it is lighter, heavier, sturdier, or more flexible, vinyl can be so versatile.

The coloring itself may come from the vinyl itself or additional coatings. Vinyl fabric is available in so many color options, including black, gold, pink, purple, and our favorite green. The vinyl fabric also comes in different textures, ranging from subtle and soft or metallic to leather-like, as we mentioned before.

A good quality vinyl fabric is based only on natural gas and chlorine with no toxic chemicals added. So, by itself, vinyl is relatively safe. This is why you need to pick vinyl products only from trusted companies.

Meaning of the Color Green

The earth itself is dominated by two colors: blue and green. Trees, grass, and everything natural is mostly green. In fact, the word “green” itself now represents a healthy way of life. Green diet means eating everything natural, from broccoli to kale. The green industry means sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. While green living means optimizing the use of sustainable energy, recyclable products, and everything else for the good of our mother earth.

Green represents nature and growth. This particular color works with anything, from the living room, bedroom, outdoor exteriors, and even library. Green exudes calm and balance. There is never too much green, so you can play around with this color as much as you like.

Green fabric works well on both women and men. Like vinyl, green is also versatile. Put it on a sundress, a nightgown, or even a necktie, green adds a touch of harmony. Darker or lighter, any kinds of color green are suitable for almost every style.

In the Chakra world, green is the fourth color that resembles Anahata, the center of the chest. It stimulates healing and brings out self-love within you. Having color green in your life will balance your energy while increasing your level of compassion.

Specific Uses of Green Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl fabric is a great crafting and decorative material. Its flexibility helps you make anything from the outdoor tablecloth to raincoats. Contract grade vinyl usually offers the look of real leather. This is a wonderful alternative to completely turn your house or office into a green establishment, especially for those who are strongly against using an animal product.

Turn your room divider into a decorative art with green vinyl fabric. Add a touch of nature to your pillows and cushions as well. And the durability of vinyl fabric is great for any furniture upholstery.

Whatever project you are planning, choosing vinyl fabric is a wise decision. Besides all of the benefits it has to offer, vinyl fabric is relatively cheaper compared to any material of its quality. Say goodbye to latex and leather, and join the vinyl team today!

Conclusion of Green Vinyl Fabric

Despite the controversies clouding around it, vinyl has proven its quality in various industries. Being a plastic material, it should come as no surprise that these controversies follow everywhere it goes. Don’t get us wrong, though. We stand against toxic and non-eco-friendly vinyl products. But there are great quality vinyl products out there that promise sustainable production. So, do not let these controversies stop you from getting the best green vinyl fabric for your next project. It is time to turn your exterior and interior completely “green”!

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