Grades Of Vinyl Fabric

Grades Of Vinyl Fabric

Commercial vinyl is suitable for many upholstery furniture projects such as restaurants, bars, and residential. Some commercial-grade vinyl has special coatings like anti-stain and antibacterial. It also has a pattern on the surface. There are many types of vinyl material you can choose. You can have vinyl for your floor instead of wood, or you can apply it on your wall like wallpaper. For a nice and beautiful kitchen set or chairs, you can have the finishing with colored vinyl.

The marine grade vinyl fabric is the most common and versatile vinyl. And it is primarily manufactured for outdoor uses. It is equipped with extra protections such as ultraviolet and color protection. This vinyl is best applied to outdoor furniture, including chairs, awnings, patio umbrellas, boat cushions, and any other outdoor furniture.

There is another vinyl grade like marine grade. It’s an automotive-grade vinyl. This vinyl is made for automotive safety. It is designed as artificial leather and decorative vinyl. As an artificial, it imitates the pattern of snake-skin or crocodile. It is used for handbags, purses, and many others.

Vinyl can also be turned into various kinds of handcraft and decorations. You can make accessories cases, make-up cases, jewelry boxes, and many more. This gives vinyl so many plus points.

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