Gold Vinyl Fabric


Gold Vinyl Fabric

As the textile industry blossoms, factories develop more and more types of fabric. Elements and materials are continuously tinkered to create the best products than can be made available at similar – or perhaps even better – lower cost. The use of vinyl itself is not new, as you are most familiar with vinyl records. On the other hand, vinyl fabric is considered as a relatively new creation. In this article, we will discuss the use of vinyl on gold vinyl fabric.

Meaning of the Color Gold

The color gold symbolizes prosperity, wisdom and wealth.

What is Gold Vinyl Fabric?

Versatile in function, vinyl also comes in different weights and many colors, including gold. The gold vinyl fabric serves all functions vinyl fabric has to offer, including durability and water-resistance. As a metallic fabric, gold vinyl fabric is easily made UV-resistance as well. Some textiles made of gold vinyl fabric come with a lightfastness of up to 500 hours. This means that even after 499 hours of direct UV exposure, your gold vinyl fabric will still look as good as new.

For centuries, gold has been one of the most prestigious materials on earth. The value of gold is more stable compared to other materials, even money. The color gold itself represents the same level of prestige. Even if something is not entirely made of gold, it is most likely coated with gold or golden material to replicate the shine.

The history of gold fabric or cloth of gold is dated back to the ancient Greek. The Golden Fleece itself is believed to be some sort of gold cloth. Then, during the era of Henry VII of England, gold fabric represents ones’ level of royalty and nobility.

Gold vinyl fabric is no exception to the exclusivity of gold cloth. While vinyl is considered as a cheap material, gold is not. With gold vinyl fabric, you can have the best of both worlds: the durability of vinyl and the prestige of gold. While most gold fabrics are fragile and require meticulous care, the gold vinyl fabric will last longer even with just regular cleaning and proper storage.

Specific Uses of Gold Vinyl Fabric

Gold vinyl fabric or gold-coated vinyl fabric is great as a craft material. It costs less than latex and leather, yet it is more durable. Gold vinyl fabric is often used for book covers and boat curtains, giving them the extra exclusive touch they need.

Design your best costume with gold vinyl fabric. Most home sewing machines and sewing scissors can be used on most vinyl fabrics. But we would recommend it on no-sew projects. How does gold vinyl placemats sound like? They will be a great addition to your luxury dinner set!

Maintenance of Gold Vinyl Fabric

Like any materials, the gold vinyl fabric also needs some maintenance. Before buying your vinyl fabric, take a look at its light fastness level. Anything lower than 100 hours is not suitable for outdoor projects, such as outdoor table placemats or outdoor curtains. However, if you must and you don’t have any other material options, make sure you store them indoors when not in use. If you neglect this matter, you will end up having to buy new items as the dyes start to fade.

Cleaning gold vinyl fabric is easy. You can use a wet sponge at home instead of having to take it to a professional cleaner. You do not need to water it down either. Just make sure you let it dry completely before reusing it.

Conclusion of Gold Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl offers durability at an affordable cost. It is even better than most plastic materials. A good quality gold vinyl fabric offers more than just durability and affordability. With a high level of lightfastness, gold vinyl fabric is great for outdoor projects. Perhaps you have just found the perfect material for your house exterior. Besides, gold vinyl fabric is usually water-resistant, or even better, waterproof. Your house will not just look great, but also able to withstand hard rain.

Then again, gold is a prestigious material. You should have better use of something so classy that Henry VII used it to represent ones’ nobility. Being so versatile, you can create any exclusive project with gold vinyl fabric. Let’s get started!

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