What is Clear Vinyl Fabric?


What is Clear Vinyl Fabric?

Clear vinyl fabric is popular with boat manufacturers as clear vinyl is both flexible and durable, which is great for boat canopies, particularly on speedboats. Factors to look at though when dealing with clear vinyl fabrics are the UV resistance and cold tolerance. Vinyl can be made flexible with the addition of certain polymers, but the colder it gets, the stiffer it gets, and eventually, it will crack. Ultraviolet radiation will also damage the vinyl over time.

Most of the same points apply to patio or cafe blinds. These clear vinyl blinds have become very popular in recent years as they give the option of using patio areas in winter as well as summer, yet maintain the ability to let air flow through as the temperature climbs. Cleaning these blinds is important as they will show the dirt marks; however, it can be difficult given their size.

Clear vinyl fabric offers many uses for all your indoor and outdoor projects. Use clear vinyl fabric to protect household items like your chairs, carpet or table without covering up the natural fabric or finish. Easily cut and sewn, multi-purpose clear vinyl material can also be used for your craft and DIY projects.


Clear vinyl fabric can also be used for things like tablecloths. As it is flexible, it will drape well over the table and protect it from spills. Vinyl is waterproof, and hence, it forms a barrier blocking moisture from reaching the table surface. This waterproof nature means clear vinyl can also be used for making clothing items like raincoats. While clear raincoats do have novelty value, as a fabric, it gets very sweaty after a while as it does not breathe. More modern fabrics have tiny little holes in them, which lets water vapor through while blocking the passage of larger water drops. This means that it does not get clammy on the inside. Unfortunately, vinyl does not have this benefit and gets very uncomfortable if worn for long periods. However, it does have the benefit of being very cheap, whereas modern breathable coats are costly!

Clear vinyl fabric is also used in a variety of situations as it has the benefit of being able to see the contents of the tube. Food grade tubing is available to ensure that toxic chemicals are not present in the vinyl. Barbed fittings can be bought to make the tubing easy to fit and join together.

Carpet protectors are another product that clear vinyl fabric can be used for. They are used particularly in high traffic areas to shield the carpet from wear. Clear vinyl carpet runners will usually have a textured pattern on top to prevent slipping, especially when they are wet, and an embossed bottom to prevent runners from moving around on the carpet. These runners often come in a variety of thicknesses and widths to suit your situation.

Another use for clear vinyl fabric is stickers. Many companies use stickers as part of their marketing campaigns, and clear stickers add a unique touch.

For heavy duty jobs, we recommend clear vinyl fabric that’s UV treated, making it great for outdoor applications on your boat, RV and golf cart e.t.c. You can also use it to create a porch enclosure or green house.

We also recommend marine vinyl fabric. and heavy duty marine vinyl fabric for heavy duty jobs and projects.

To learn more about clear vinyl fabric. Please click the link below. There you’ll also find our review of highly recommended fabrics and brands.

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