Brown Vinyl Fabric


Brown Vinyl Fabric

Before we can know what brown vinyl fabric is, we have to know what a vinyl fabric is. From this we can then understand the topic. The vinyl fabric is a type of fabric that is composed of ethylene which is gotten from natural gas and chlorine. It is very important to note that this fabric comes in a durable plastic form.

What is Brown Vinyl Fabric?

Now that we have seen what the vinyl fabric is, we would now consider the brown vinyl fabric, which is a color type of vinyl fabric.

Symbolism of the Color Brown

The color brown generally symbolizes earth, simplicityreliability, security, home, friendship, endurance and foundation. When we look at its relationship with the earth, we would see that the earth is majorly brown. When we also take a look at the symbolism of reliability, foundation, security and home, we would see that a being said is that your foundation has to be strong like that of the earth which is color brown.

Specific Uses of Brown Vinyl Fabric

Let us then see what the brown vinyl fabric can be used for. It is mostly used for PVC flooring. Have you noticed the wooden PVC floor in some homes and offices? That is it. Brown vinyl fabric is also used for the PVC frame of security doors and other security upholstery. It would interest you that brown vinyl fabric does not only come in types used for flooring and upholstery purposes.

Patent / Upholstery Vinyl

This type of vinyl is the one that is elegant for fashion purposes. Let me get it to your notice that upholstery vinyl is the material used for shiny furniture. Have you ever noticed some shiny sofas or seats may be at dinners, studios and some other places, the material used for the production of such seats? Let me tell you that the material used for the production of such elegant and shiny material(s) is upholstery vinyl. What are the distinguishing qualities of this vinyl? It is the fact that it is very thick and is of very little susceptibility to stretches. With these qualities, it suits the furniture purpose comfortably.

Imitation Leather or Matte Vinyl

This type of vinyl is the one that is responsible for your regular leather furniture. Most furniture made of leather which you use in your homes, offices and other places is made of matte vinyl. This type of vinyl is more susceptible to stretches, unlike clear vinyl. This type of leather is normally of the thinner gauge. It can also come with a two-way or more, though, it is very uncommon to see one that has a four-way.

PVC Tarpaulin

This type of vinyl is usually used for tent construction and also for covering purposes. It is usually blue in colour. This type of vinyl is the cheapest, as it is not meant for expensive purposes. Like we mentioned earlier, it is used for covering purposes like a cover from the rain and for tent construction.

Clear PVC Sheet

This type of vinyl is the transparent type. This PVC is commonly used as lower curtains, raincoats and other purposes. Typically, it is used for all transparent vinyl products.

Embossed Vinyl

This type of vinyl is the one that has it produced in forms of reptile skins. You find embossed vinyl in snakeskin vinyl products and others. This type of vinyl is used for fashion bags, purses and other fashion items.

Fashion Vinyl

This is the type of vinyl that is different from embossed vinyl. It does not have the skin of reptiles. It is clear and used for fashion items. It can come in a 2-way or 4- way stretch.


This article has exposed us to brown vinyl fabric. We have seen the peculiarity to its color and the various types also.

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