Black Vinyl Fabric


Black Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl is a versatile material discovered in 1872 when a German chemist, Eugen Baumann, accidentally found a new substance while experimenting. You may have heard PVC more often than vinyl even though they refer to the same substance. PVC stands for polyvinyl or a kind of plastic polymer.

Black vinyl is a PVC compound that had been dyed in black using a coloring agent. It is a versatile material that is easy to be produced. You will be surprised that you are probably sitting on it right now. Black Vinyl is widely used as upholstery fabric backing, in pipes, sealant, and even materials to build equipment to use in the outer space. It is also the main material to make a vinyl record—a black disk that records and store music to be played on a turntable. Nowadays, vinyl records come can also come in any color with the help of the technology.

What is Black Vinyl Fabric?

Black vinyl fabric is a black vinyl compound that is embedded into a sheet of fabric. Through its development, the black vinyl fabric has taken shape in many forms and functions. Pure black vinyl is brittle or too flexible like a sheet of rubber. To counter this, manufacturers melt the compound and bind it to high-density fabric like twill or nylon. This fabric enhancement offers a multitude of protections such as water-resistance, UV protection, abrasion-resistance, and a degree of flexibility. Umbrella is a great example; one side of the canopy (the one that faces the sky) is coated with black vinyl to protect it from rainwater, UV rays, and tear.

Why choose Black Vinyl Fabric?

One of the main reasons to choose black vinyl fabric is because it is already high in supply. It is easily one of the most popular vinyl fabrics in the market and comes at different capabilities and prices. The black vinyl fabric looks great with other strong colors like red, yellow, or orange. The black-white combination may bore most people, but black-blue or black-red combination remains favorites among customers, especially sport car enthusiasts. They love to modify their car’s interior to look elegant or sporty by boosting the upholstery with black vinyl fabric.

Early days umbrellas are black, and so are present time umbrellas. They are black for a reason. As white vinyl fabric reflects sun rays, the black vinyl fabric will absorb the sun rays before reaching you. As we know, sun rays contain UVA and UVB that poses danger upon prolonged exposure. Though sunblock lotions help, the higher the protection means the thicker the lotion. Wearing one can be bothersome and uncomfortable. Black vinyl fabric is the answer to keep you ventilated and protected from sun rays at the same time. Better yet, since the black vinyl fabric does not reflect sun rays, your umbrella will not hurt the eyes of other bystanders on the street.

The last reason we recommend you to pick the black vinyl fabric of other colors is that it hides most stains. If you are a busy person with high mobility, a great chance you will spill something on your furniture or put your things on the ground. This will not be a problem if you choose black vinyl for your furniture or stuff. Black vinyl fabric is really easy to clean and you will only need a damp towel most of the time. Do not worry about being seen with the stain, because the dark color will completely covert the mess you made.

Symbolism of the Color Black

The color black symbolizes mystery, formality, power, elegance, illegality, night, and depression.

Specific Uses of Black Vinyl Fabric

The black vinyl fabric has been used in various fields from fashion apparel to outdoor protection. It’s an extremely versatile and durable material that it only takes a slight difference in production to be applied on different functions. There are mainly 3 categories that separated black vinyl fabrics according to its uses: non-expandable, commercial expandable, and marine expandable.

Non-expandable Black Vinyl Fabric

When black vinyl is infused with high thread-count fabrics, it creates non-expandable black vinyl fabric. This type of fabric is intended to stretch minimally and retain shape. Outdoor apparel like jackets and raincoats often choose this fabric due to its light and water-resistant nature. This material is also widely as umbrellas coating and tarpaulin. Some tents are also vinyl-coated to resist water and wind.

Commercial expandable Black Vinyl Fabric

The more durable type of black vinyl fabric is ideal as furniture upholstery. It is infused with low-density fabric to give flexibility and additional durability. Upholstery manufacturers alter their shape to mimic the texture of leather to add a luxury feel to the fabric. This type of fabric is called faux leather. Thanks to technology, now we can closely imitate the look and feel of real leather. It is a top choice to cover your car seats and enhance the look of your dashboard.

Marine expandable Black Vinyl Fabric

Saltwater and UV rays are a cruel combination that damage fabrics. It is the reason why marine expandable black vinyl was invented. Capable of giving protection against the UV rays, this material is often found as boat lining and cushions. It is also made with additional features like waterproofing and color-fading prevention. You can also find this fabric as awnings and garden sail as it is weather-proof and mold/mildew free.


Black vinyl fabric is everywhere in sizes and uses. Without it, you will be cold in the night or wet in the rain or have your furniture tarnished and no cushioning for your boat. It was discovered in 1872 and with the help of technology, it contributes to the increase in human quality of life. The non-expandable black vinyl fabric is very useful to give extra protection against the weather for jackets or umbrellas that do not stretch much. It can also be infused with lower density fabric like furniture upholstery. The most durable black vinyl fabric is the one used outdoor. It is mostly used for boat cushioning and sealant because it can withstand exposure to harsh environments.

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