What is Marine Vinyl Fabric?


What is Marine Vinyl Fabric?

Marine Vinyl Fabric is the most robust variation of vinyl fabric. It is mostly known for its waterproof characteristics. This makes it a popular fabric when making raincoats. It is also used to make covers and window canvases.

The colors of the Marine Vinyl Fabrics are brighter and are durable. Therefore, they do not fade away due to sunlight exposure. The material does not absorb moisture; therefore, no stain penetrates through the cloth and can simply be cleaned by rubbing the fabric with a damp cloth.

When maintained and cared for properly, it can easily last for five to ten years.

Marine vinyl fabric is the best option for outdoor use. The fabric is 100% waterproof. If we use natural fabric to cover boat furniture or floor, it can work as water-resistant, but for a very short time. You can’t keep them dry for a very long time. The marine vinyl fabric has waterproofing material used in the process of making it.

Furthermore, these are specially use for boats and marine environments. It is preferred over other fabrics because it is easy to use and clean. You can get a marine vinyl fabric that looks good and suits your taste. You can also use this for motorcycles, outdoor furniture, and awnings.

What are the uses of marine vinyl fabric?

This is used to cover the entire furniture, wall, and floor of the boats. It can protect the furniture from water and heat. It is also used in a moist environment to prevent mold and mildew.


  • Used as cover for outdoor items.
  • A popular choice of fabric to make raincoats.
  • It can be used to cover vehicle seats.
Properties of Marine Vinyl Fabric
UV Protection

It is not easy to keep your boat fabric protected from the sun in a marine environment. When you invest in any fabric, if they fade the color over time, it can be a nuisance. The marine vinyl fabric lasts long because these are UV stabilized. The rays don’t affect the color, and you don’t feel like a waste of money. The summer days turn hot and hotter. The marine vinyl fabric also has heat barrier properties.


Marine vinyl fabric is suitable for all-weather, and anyone can use this without any hassle. Rain and snow don’t affect this fabric at all. An excessive amount of glue is used during installation, which creates a moisture-repelling seal. Your vinyl will always be mold and mildew free, even in moist and humid weather.

Easy to clean

You can clean marine vinyl fabric with a damp cloth. You can easily clean this as compared to other marine fabrics. Dirt and stain don’t remain on vinyl.


The durability of vinyl fabric is unmatched. It can be last from 10 to 20 years or in-between. Don’t compare the durability of marine vinyl fabric with genuine leather. The price of leather is very high as compared to vinyl. It can also withstand dents and scratches for a long time.

Different Layers of Marine Vinyl Fabric

The thickness depends upon the layers of the fabric, but the thickness doesn’t define the quality.

First layer

In most of the marine vinyl fabrics, knitted polyester fabric is used as the bottom layer. It also contains a fuzzy backing that gives durability to the vinyl, and the flexibility also depends on this.

Second layer

The adhesives are attached to the backing in the second layer. It plays a very important role. If these adhesive doesn’t are of good quality, the backing can easily get separated. If the machine doesn’t provide enough heat to attached these two layers, they can be separated, which is very rare.

Third layer

This layer consists of a PVC expanded foam. The thickness of marine vinyl fabric depends on this layer. The PVC foam provides stiffness and more durability to the vinyl. The flex and stretch can vary with the quality of expanded foam used. The more the material is flexible, the more it is easier to use.

Fourth layer

The fourth layer is the outer layer which is called vinyl skin. The overall look of the vinyl depends on this layer. Some marine vinyl has a similar texture like leather. The outer layer plays a very important role in protecting the inner material and made up of PVC.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a fabric for everyday use. You can choose from leather, latex, vinyl fabric, or any other fabric. In my opinion, the marine vinyl fabric is not very expensive as compared to other materials that are used for seating, flooring or for any outdoor use. It can also last for a very long time.

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