Best Fabric for Moist Environment

Marine Vinyl Fabric

Best Fabric for Moist Environment

If you live near coastal areas, you may have observed white cotton-like soft substance under boats and cars. That soft white substance is mold and mildew that silently damage your health and the structure of your transport. Getting rid of molds and mildew can be done with many methods, but you wouldn’t want to spend your life cleaning them. Fortunately, we have a permanent solution to stop mildew from developing under the surface. Marine vinyl fabric is an antibacterial and antimicrobial synthetic fabric made to prevent water from entering the enclosure. Marine vinyl is the best fabric that you would want to buy.

Antibacterial or antimicrobials are microorganisms developed in a moist environment. These bacteria are hazardous to health and also cause structural damage to your car or boat. Marine vinyl fabric is coated with an antibacterial coating that prevents the buildup of bacteria. Ships and boats also use marine vinyl fabric for sails and cockpit enclosure to prevent water from control panels. However, having marine vinyl doesn’t solve all of the problems. It is important to have it stitched properly to prevent moisture and keep it well ventilated. The fabric is widely used due to its studier look and durability.

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