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Designed to withstand the elements, marine vinyl fabric offers superior durability for both your indoor and outdoor upholstery projects.

Use marine vinyl indoors to protect and cover your chairs, stools, ottomans and other furniture.

Great for outdoor use, marine grade vinyl is recommended for automobile and boat upholstery due to its antifungal, antimildew and flame-retardant properties.

It's also waterproof, fade and crack resistant so it won't lose its color or crack in colder temperatures.

Smooth to the touch and easy to clean, marine grade vinyl fabric offers long-lasting durability and outstanding value.

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High Quality Marine Vinyl Fabric

The primary feature of marine vinyl fabric is durability. It can withstand a lot of pressure and problems that other types of fabric can’t. You also get a lot more control over how you can use the marine grade vinyl fabric and the benefits you get from it. That being said, marine vinyl fabric might take a bit of time to get used to, because not all of it can be soft. There are however some models that are extremely soft, and that just goes to show the quality and amazing features you can expect from this type of vinyl fabric.