Features of The Best Marine Vinyl Fabric

Features of The Best Marine Vinyl Fabric

Under this, we are going to, first of all, expose you to what a vinyl fabric is. Then the marine type. While examining the marine type of vinyl fabric, we would tell you the features and what makes the best marine vinyl fabric.

What is Marine Vinyl Fabric?

After knowing what vinyl fabric is, it then important for you to note that marine vinyl fabric is a type of flannel-backed vinyl. Marine vinyl fabric is the fabric that you see on the furniture of water vehicles like boat, ships and submarines. The seats and upholstery in these vehicles are covered using marine vinyl fabric. Why is a marine vinyl Is fabric very suitable for the construction of such furniture? It is simply because they last longer, are quite durable and are easy to clean. This fabric is made from polyvinyl chloride(PVC) which was discovered in 1872 by Eugene Baumann. It is one of the many products made from PVC.

What are the Features of Marine Vinyl Fabric?

We have seen what this fabric is used for, construction of water vehicle furniture. It is then important to take note of the salient features that make it suitable for such a purpose. The features of this vinyl fabric come for the reasons why it is chosen for its purposes. There are four key features of marine vinyl fabric, durability, weatherproof, easy to clean and fade repellent. One, its durability. Marine vinyl fabrics are known for their quality durability when compared to other types of vinyl fabric. Truth be told, this vinyl is not as durable as the leather vinyl, it is can last for as long as 10 -20 years, when properly installed.

This vinyl fabric is very sturdy so as to last long. Two, being easy to clean. When you compare marine vinyl to other types, it is the easiest to clean. The marine vinyl easy is that easy to clean because it does not absorb stains as much as other vinyl. You can easily remove such stains with brush and soap scrubs. Three, weatherproof. This type of vinyl is very adaptable to any kind of weather. It can withstand rain, snow and also the fun. How is this possible? It is because, during the installation of marine vinyl fabrics, a lot of adhesives are applied in the background so it does not give under any harsh condition(s). Four, fade repellent. Marine vinyl fabrics are UV stabilized so the colours do not fade anyhow. What do I mean by this? I simply mean that the fabric is heat resistant so the colour does not fade from exposure to sunlight. You would agree with me that many fabrics give in to heat and break or wear off in colour. Marine vinyl fabrics have great heat barriers, they do not fade easily, they retain their colour under temperature.

What then makes the marine best vinyl fabric?

From the qualities and features we have highlighted above we can find direct answers to this question. One, a marine vinyl fabric has to be weatherproof, resistant to harsh weather conditions. Two, a marine vinyl has to be fade repellent. It should not give in to colour fading due to hot weather. Three, it must be easy to clean, by this it must not absorb dirt so easily. Four, most important of all, that be durable. That is what would make the best marine vinyl fabric. When you have all these qualities in marine vinyl fabric, it is the best you can go for.


From this article, you have seen what a marine vinyl fabric is and its features. More so, what makes the best marine vinyl fabric.

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