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Furniture fabric wear and tear is due to a number of reasons such as low-quality fabric, frequent application, and environmental favors. You might want to restore your old furniture, and that’s when you begin looking for fabrics. The process of

Looking for the best costume fabric? Though it’s a personal preference to choose the fabric. However, here is what costume fabric should be made of. There are tons of material available in the market that are used to make costumes,

If you’re someone looking for fabric for outdoor applications, you’re at the right place. You may have hundreds of fabric for outdoor use, but vinyl fabric outruns other fabric in terms of quality aspects. Outdoor applications are always harsh and

Restaurants have grown exponentially worldwide, and it’s the place where people like to spend most of their time and make it memorable. Customer foot print in restaurants is increasing day by day and another fact associated with restaurants is the

Looking for Sofa fabric? Or doing a reupholstering project. Vinyl fabric is used by cars to sofa sets. Many people have started to opt for leather fabric despite knowing that leather has been dominant in upholstery making. However, the vinyl

Many fabrics are made out of different materials, some fabrics last for years and some fabrics do not last for more than a year. When you’re buying fabric, a couple of considerations are always helpful in deciding which fabric to

Boat wear and tear are expensive and moisture is the enemy of boat structures. Sailing boats and enjoying tides may sound fun, but the fact that preserving boats cost more than what you think. It may sound easy that you

Planning to revamp your boat? Do it this time using marine vinyl fabric. It is a widely used fabric in marine applications. You may look for some necessary features that a fabric must possess. Marine vinyl fabric is the ideal

Vinyl fabric is known for all the good reasons, well there are some cons as well. For now, your patio or awning or home needs restoration or taking on a reupholstering project. Vinyl fabric is the first material you would

Planning for boat flooring, here what to choose and why. Carpet is often used for flooring purposes in the boat and you would mind cleaning the carpet and waiting till it gets all dried up. Vinyl fabric is increasingly used