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If you have a factory, a lab, class room, home, or especially outdoor café. Vinyl fabric is the best material choose for seating purposes. Though it depends on your use, but vinyl fabric is easy to clean and durable fabric,

Vinyl fabric is known for durability, but its durability sometimes requires you to have good handling skills. It may seem difficult to handle vinyl fabric according to what your desire to make, however, it’s not impossible sew the fabric. Here

If you’re a person who’s aesthetic about Boats, marine vinyl fabric is the perfect solution to aesthetic and reliability needs. The fabric is best in quality and doesn’t resist water only but withstands UV and protects colors. If you wish

Looking for an upholstery fabric that’s durable, colorfast and easy to clean? Vinyl fabrics has all you’re looking for. Indoor and outdoor applications include seat covers, flooring, and furniture. Despite of leather texture and other attractive attributes, Vinyl fabric is

Marine Vinyl Fabric is a widely used material in boats due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and waterproofing properties. The most amazing features offered by marine vinyl is its UV protection that prevents fading of color and antibacterial and

Vinyl has been been in existence for more than a century and widely used for industrial and commercial purposes. Vinyl Fabric is composite of ethylene, natural gas and chlorine and used for indoor and mostly for outdoor applications due to